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Berit Jane Soli-Holt, bartender and performance writer, is a doctoral candidate at The European Graduate School.  Following the conviction that there is no viable theory without praxis and vice versa, her research and work serves to articulate the territory that allows for a sense of the material and the durability of thought.  This line of inquiry has brought her to work in many professional fields from culinary to curating to publishing, in each instance commanding an emphasis on the engagement with material processes and enacting a comprehensive dialogue of the ethical implications inherent within such practices.  Some of the positions she has held exemplifying this approach have been as the Director of Content Development for FoodWorks, Inc. (parent company of Andrew Zimmern), recipe testing and research with Amy Thielen, general management of Hell’s Kitchen, Minneapolis, Program Coordinator of the Visiting Artist, Scholar, and Designer Program at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Denver, CO, and as a managing editor of continent.

Berit Jane’s academic career follows suit with her unrelenting passion to follow her own methods of inquiry not beholden to traditional methods.  She followed an autodirected path through academia building her own B.A. at the University of Minnesotainterwoven between Cultural Studies, English (emphasis on literature theory and history), and Communication (emphasis on Media Theory and Rhetoric).  The title of the B.A., Productive Communication/Communicative Production inspired by the work of Raymond Williams and Hannah Arendt.  Soli-Holt received her M.A. in Media Philosophy from The European Graduate School with her work on “Eating as the Experienced Open” and is currently completing the research for her dissertation which continues to develop her work on the experience of the material world and how to ethically engage with the matter of everyday life.

Berit Jane currently works professionally as a Bartender and Writer in Mexico, D.F. executing the practice of her life composing recipes and conversation.  Her latest book 99 Problems to be Told to a Plant & The Excavation of Its Future Memory was be published by Delere Press autumn of 2015 and is available on Amazon.