Page 11, The Excavation of Its Future Memory

What do we see when we see a plant?  Do we even see them anymore?  Did we ever see them?  What do they look like?  This very basic inquiry, this stop-for-a-moment-and-make-sure-we-are-on-the-same-page inquiry, here’s an imprint consideration of Plato’s ideal forms.  There is a factor generic to plants we can begin to describe, but if described by sight alone it gets complex fast.  Taxonomies, then.  Yup.  And the machine of knowledge is on the prowl.

Can we even imagine telling problems to a plant?  Which plant?  That plant?

When we think of love

Returning to meeting someone new for the first or second time:  the future of our frame will be challenged.  They have and can see things we can’t.  It seems like magic, it seems terrifying, the world is not merely what is our case.  We can be taken along by this enchantment.  But our own case remains, and neglected can sprout elements that once we return to ourselves either by choice or something else , these parts are foreign to us.  Without tending, overran by what got by on what we left behind.

Those that consider only alternative routes of understanding, who give away their ground easily.  Who forget the grounds they are able to make the case upon.  One taxonomy, those who chart a better or more full, deeply experienced, feeding the spiritual, righting the limitations of outside oppressors, inside oppressors, freeing oneself from the cares of a highly mediated society, finding the light…  written works.  A guru that emerges in your perception has been fed upon the unmanaged corners of your ground.  They look like answers because they were birthed int he problem.

Problems are fed and kept alive by answers.  And the answer that we so desperately seek is not the acceptance of only problems.  Besides, the battle of problems and answers is only fought from without.

That is actually not quite true.  That’s where we think they are fought, amongst understanding as we see fit.  In actuality, whether we believe it or not, we may ask as many questions, present as many problems, but we only ever live the answers.  The whole schtick about ‘being the change…. and so on’ is true perhaps.  But is temporalizes the schedule of becoming, maybe soon who knows, something you would prefer to be.  More accurate would be to say that we already are our vision of a world, pay attention and adjust as needed.

Plants don’t have problems. They are shaped and shape