Page 13, The Excavation of Its Future Memory

   We are not that far away from talking to rocks.  Not really that far at all.  Something older, perhaps.  There are those who believe in the healing quality of certain crystals, and certain healings based on the taxonomy of crystal as well.  To believe in something, to believe that something can affect you whether you understand each step of its workings or not, well, this is not out of a frame of science that allows for the power of a receptive framework.  if you seek, you will find.

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Same for finding love.  As if it is something to be discovered.

When we realize love cannot be found, discovered like a new continent, a new land.  When we realize it is all we ever had access to anyway, that old thing.  It is not hard to see the old debate whether philosophy comes from disappointment and/or wonder.

Plants reach out for the light (in varying degrees), but they seek light.  Those living find it all the time, but yet they continue to grow towards it.

ø Watching a fire for long enough.  The flames form amongst the pieces of wood, sticks, paper.  No wonder the should is often considered fire.  it is molded, entrapped, guided by the physicality of the word or charcoal.  But as its burn wears down its limitations, the flames begin to shape the wood in its own curvature, its own escape routes, egress paths.  And there is driftwood.  Less intense, more wet — less ash.


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