Page 2, The Excavation of Its Future Memory

What is the point to love only what we can see?  Is that not what makes love scary?  terrifying? Like falling when we stumble upon it?

There is a man, a boy almost running but still walking with a bouquet of flowers in his arms.  We may gaze out of the window of our cab, the thin drizzle of rain streaking the window and framing our feeling of softness, excitement, how wonderful to be bringing flowers to another.  But perhaps his lover is angry and remains angry, or sad or misunderstood.  Perhaps those flowers will be a painful reminder of what was once living.  Standing in a vase, neglected, they will wilt.

There is no point in talking to flowers.  They only speak to us.

Lovers decay like roses in a vase because seldom we move beyond seeing as believing, I mean knowing.  We produce blooms between our redacted rows.  We speak and speak and we feel ourselves returned, our signal bouncing back from the glossy black redactions of the one we seek to love.

We speak and speak, animated by the sight of opens itself up to us. *

At this point, you are fully aware that it is utter nonsense to believe talking to plants accomplishes anything, right?  There should not be gained any imperative that to do so is good for your health.  If you reading person, gain anything at all it is the hope of this writer pretending to pose humanity’s issues to a plant — it is my express hope that you become a better lover.

Lovers always let go, the good ones.  What is grasped is one’s own heart.  There is no comparison with or amongst plants.  We are not plants.  Not now.

this XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX It is always disappointing to know what our lover expects of us, we begin to see the shape of their redacted, withheld, unconfessed—-

       There is no doctrine of a good lover.  Don’t be lied to, don’t let them

When my flower merchant sells me flowers he always picks a good bundle.  Some of the blooms are open, some laying in wait.  There is always a point or an afternoon when they look best, big and baby blooms.  But then the biggest blooms will at some hour wilt, and even some of the buds do not have a chance to crack before becoming on the other side.  You really need a full set of plant roots dirt to keep something like this going.  Even then, to encourage blossoming, you must trim away the fading glowers.  If a houseplant is dying and beyond care, it is imperative to remove it from your living space.