Page 3, The Excavation of Its Future Memory

We’ve had a bit of an introduction.  What do we now know?  (Trick question.)  We will come to an understanding of the aphorism, the problem, with plants, with our grasps of growth.  Yet we remain in breadth, breath.  To sit in a quiet room after watering house plants, to hear the sucking soil, small kissing noises crackling.  also to take care of a plant that folds up at night is a priceless clock, especially when it is moody.

what we know now is beginning to appear the way the knowledge of a meal unfolds.  An interpretations of the sun, where all of our dreams come from.  Only the brightest remain impressed upon the dark cloth of night.  When we can see other suns.

But for the moment, let’s stick with our one sun and our millions of vegetables.

And also to be direct for a bit, as direct as we can fail to be when we blunder towards interpretation.

What is the dream of a tomato?

Those who understand cooking understand interpretation.  A tomato talks.  We can understand it quite well.  We perhaps consider that it is our great accomplishment to discover the resonance of tomato & basil, but even through we remain deaf the tomato is speaking. +

What makes a good cook is an ability to listen.  It might be strange to consider cooks & plants, the Good plants require good deaths. murderers…

Perhaps it is too soon for death.  We can also consider gardeners.

It is well understood by successful tomato gardeners that growing basil near tomatoes; both of which thrive in full sun hot sun, that the basil deters the the very same pests that would give anything to feast upon tomato plants.  Some say as well that the tomato from a plant grown alongside basil, this tomato will take on some of the flavor of the basil a bit, a touch.  And as any good listening murderer knows, there is nothing like pairing tomato & basil.

It is not our genius that made, that created that deliciousness.  Any good cook knows they are not creators.  They are matchmakers working between the world of humans and so many other worlds.

Nearly every food is an aphrodisiac.