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In Conversation with Jeremy Fernando: Kittler, Telos, & Love

The conversation that follows is one between Berit Jane and Jeremy Fernando.  The two are continually collaborating on one project or another since they first started working together on the drift project.  Berit Jane originally approached Fernando to be a third editor (along with co-founder April Vannini) on this project that sought and continues to seek the frontier of what peer review can be.  You can read more about this particular project on continent.’s website where the “first two threads” were published in 2013 in a special issue.

In this particular exchange that follows,* Jeremy brings up the topic of Friedrich Kittler’s influence on Berit Jane, a story in and of itself...

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In Conversation with the Rev. Dr. Joseph G. Holt Sr.: Love, Unfolding Reality & Obnoxious Know-It-Alls

The part of the conversation included here between Berit Jane and her father is only a fraction of what they covered on their phone call that day.  Or any day.  The two of them have been getting caught up in conversation since Joe initially started attempting to answer the crazy questions his little daughter kept coming up with...

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In Conversation with Toni Hildebrandt: Postcards, Conversations & Other Blind Sports

This conversation has a unique element to it in that this was the very first and, as of yet, only conversation held in any sort of real time between these two collaborators.  Toni first reached out to Berit Jane to involve her in a discussion of such themes that he had seen her discuss in Sirens Go Silent:  A Memorial Colloquium for Friedrich Kittler, and to do so by exchanging postcards...

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In Conversation with Nick Trotter: Hospitality & The Grey Area Between Life & Life

Nick Trotter is the only proper name that is published in the text, or the only proper name that appears in the text is Nick Trotter.  In the original event that spawned the 99 Problems, Rosemary Lee asked a trio of colleagues to provide her with stimulants for mimosa pudica.  While writing the aphorisms, Berit Jane listened to the musical stimulus provided by Trotter, thus prompting the 83rd aphorism...

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In Conversation with Rosemary Lee: Mimosa Pudica, Perception, & Selection

This conversation took the form of a more formal interview of one Rosemary Lee who is perhaps the father of 99 Problems to be told to a plant & The Excavation of Its Future Memory.  In 2012, Rosemary planted the seed of suggestion requesting that Jane provide audio for an installation and performance exploring noise with plants as the intended audience...

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