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Fort University :: Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Saas-Fee, Switzerland - 2012

Following upon our experience at Cottage University organized by Department of Biological Flow, Nick Trotter and myself designed and build a fort in Everest E, Saas-Fee, Switzerland. 

The fort was initially build for two, but the following days we invited anyone who would like to participate in building out the fort until it could fit everybody participating.  The performance was to provide a space of discussion and contemplation between inclusivity and exclusivity as defined by physical space.  This university was held during the June 2012 session of European Graduate School, a tiny graduate school held in a tiny town in Switzerland and was not meant to be a criticism, but a lens to help students focus on material nature of our studies.

Before the night scheduled for the fort enlargement, we put out a call to other students and alumni from EGS to give their recommendations on reading material to be covered by Fort University.  We received a handful and printed the material out to be a part of the University Library. 

The night of the enlargement we had about 15 participants and all fit ourselves within the fort.  We chose a reading and decided to read it aloud.  The selection was The Art of War by Eyal Weizman first published by Frieze in May 2006.  What happened was entirely unexpected and unmanaged.  By chance I was able to record a bit of it which you can listen to here.  This sound piece along with other accompanying material will be published as a part of another group work, drift, which you can read about here.