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Ethics in Practice: Approaches to the Contemporary :: RMCAD, 2013

During my stint at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design as the Program Coordinator of the Visiting Artist, Scholar and Designer program, I curated lecture series which, according to our official shaping of the program was to be "an integral part of the educational mission of RMCAD [fostering] vision, creativity and innovation by bringing leading national and international artists, scholars and designers to campus. The guests engage with RMCAD students and faculty through private events, such as studio visits, gallery talks and workshops that provide direct access to contemporary art, design and culture through an inspiring comparative framework. The VASD Program at RMCAD ultimately serves the entire community by hosting a free public evening lecture given by each distinguished guest."

In the fall of 2012 we hosted McKenzie Wark speaking on Situationist International and in Spring 2013, I curated a season of lectures entitled Ethics in Practice:  Approaches to the Contemporary which began with a panel of artists also included in the Philip J. Steele Gallery's exhibition The Temporary Institute of Emancipated Objects curated by Cortney Lane Stell, Paddy Johnson from Art F City with her talk on The Ethics of Critique, and Simon Critchley on Why Hate Contemporary Art.  From the official description of the series:

This lecture series is an investigation of how to continue to act as we move through the beginnings of a new century. In an age of increasing distance in relationships socially, economically, and politically, our visiting guests will approach ethics as it is practiced in everyday life. How is failure an important, and indeed necessary, part of artmaking? How do we craft opinions and criticism in an environment heavily laden with images? Why is it easy to hate contemporary art? All these questions and more will be posed by our series in an attempt to create discussions that foster mindful engagements with the world as we encounter it.

Shown here is the panel of artists that I moderated on the topic of failure, the attempt being to promote a discussion of the creation of art while abandoning traditional displays of artistic ego.