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SIRENS GO SILENT: A Commemorative Colloquium for Friedrich Kittler, NYU 2013

Deutsches Haus at NYU - March 14-16 2013

I had the great honor of being invited to present at this prestigious commemoration of one of my mentors amongst some truly stellar thinkers.  My piece, Material Engagement & Pedagogy:  A Report from Kittler's Last Seminar, was framed by Avital Ronell and I took the liberty to pull from the notes that Kittler handed me at the end of his last seminar as well as the notes I took at the time, creating a patchwork of thoughts in and amongst notes through the time spent in his seminar and since his passing.  The physical printed piece will be included in a collection of pieces in and around Kittler, forthcoming through Fordham Press. 

(I also recommend watching the other presentations as it was a beautiful and thought-provoking commemorative colloquium.)