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Latitud Comida :: Colonia Roma, Mexico City, 2013-2014

General Manager / Bar Manager
Latitud Comida, Colonia Roma, México, D.F.
July 2013 - February 2014

TimeOut 10 enero 2014
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When I first moved to México City I was introduced to Hamish Anderson who was in the last stages of of putting together his new restaurant, Latitud Comida, at the corner of Guanajuato and Merida in Colonia Roma.  My Spanish was still developing so to work with an English speaker as a boos helped immensely.  Having worked general management previously I was able to help Latitud develop systems of all sorts tailored especially to their needs and was able to develop a small bar, and since brunch was the meal Hamish wanted to highlight, I came up with a delicious fresh bloody mary.  I figured it was a bit of a head nod to all the crazy brunches I had worked previously at Hell's Kitchen.  I also was able to put some of my culinary talents to work as the food menu hosted my biscuits and gravy and southern fried chicken.

After the restaurant was up and running I had another brief stint of thinking that bartending (as a profession to accompany my writing and other projects) would not be possible.  I was working a tiny bar program in a struggling restaurant and fell into a foray back into the world of curating.  This didn't have to last more than a month to remind me of the bad taste I get in my mouth working one side of the art world.  I eventually moved on to another bar instead of returning to Latitud and unfortunately Hamish's original venture did not last, but I will always think of that small, strange place fondly as the door that led me into working professionally in México City.