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Timespace 815

Short video work included in the residency/performance undertaking by Department of Biological Flow for their curated video piece 8:15 (Marclay Involution)

From the site:


TIMESPACE 815 was a residency undertaken by the Department of Biological Flow at a 450,000 sq.ft manufacturing plant which had been more or less abandoned for 25 years. The residency took place over two weekends, the first in mid-January and the second two months later in mid-March.

One of the interesting facets about this space was that all of the clocks in the building—the former Northern Telecom cable manufacturing centre—had stopped at 8:15 some time post-abandonment. This gave an uncanny sense of timelessness which would animate the second weekend of the residency.

As part of this second weekend we invited an involution of the famous Christian Marclay artwork “The Clock”. Participants were asked to submit one-minute video sketches in any subject or style, and with minimal editing, but which at some point showed a clock set to 8:15. This is what we received.