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Co-founded with April Vannini
Co-edited with April Vannini and Jeremy Fernando

drift is a project that continually proves to be a tangle to explain.  April and I, in a sense, designed it to be that way, but it was also one of those projects that we had each conceived in nearly an identical form but separately, so we never had to explain quite perfectly to each other because we always already knew what we intended.

drift was intended to be a play on academic publishing by creating a chain of peer review instead of a panel and to put ourselves at the mercy of mail delivery systems.  With the three editors we hosted three threads of thought, two of which were published in 2013 as a special issue of continent.  The third thread still drifts and collects more contributors (as explained in the editorial material in the special issue of continent.) but is rounding its last laps and we will be finding a published to put all three threads together in one material place.  To be continued....

You can find the special issue of continent. here.