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Published: 99 Problems to be told to a plant & The Excavation of Its Future Memory

Please note that there is a an entire section of this website dedicated to this book and its continuing and periphery projects.  You can find this little corner of the internet here.

available worldwide at The Book Depository

From the back of the book:
"Part performance script, part poetic endeavor, part philosophical meanderings, 99 Problems to be told to a plant & The Excavation of Its Future Memory engages words with and through the material they find themselves embedded in/amongst.

"The project was first intended to be set of aphorisms as part of a performance script performed and displayed alongside plants. The first set of aphorisms accumulated through a spiraling-out from an original set of 13, not necessarily mimicking the growth of a plant or the golden ratio particularly, but following the writer's own convictions and rhythms.

"The second half, a meditation and index of the first 99 problems was written some years later; returning impossibly and expanding gregariously the pertinent issue of where the grass meets the ground by providing a possible and probable ground from where the leaves of the 99 aphorisms sprouted.

"Where exactly is this text? Is it on the page or in the photo of the page, in reading it aloud or performing it or is it an archive of a performance of writing it? Where does one thing become another, and what have our distinctions done for us anyhow?"