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Maison Artemisia

Maison Artemisia
Head Bartender
May 2016 - current

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Becoming Head Bartender at Artemisia is like coming around full circle in my bartending adventures in Mexico City.  The very first cocktail I enjoyed when I first was struggling to find my way in DF was at Artemisia.  The team at Artemisia at that time was very welcoming and certainly helped me to get a foothold in the scene in Mexico.

I look forward to working with the current team in place at Artemisia, so far they have been astounding me with their skills and teamwork and I am so honored to take a spot next to them.  I will be bringing a dedicated focus to the house products and cocktails and I can't wait to get the garden going again!  We will be putting together some spectacular programming for customers and the bar community at large, so stay tuned!